Aeolian-Skinner Opus 1216 Pipe Organ

Opus 1216 Pipe Organ

Our pipe organ was designed by G. Donald Harrison in 1953 for First Methodist Church of Tacoma, WA. It was restored by Bond Organ Company and installed in our sanctuary in 2007. It has been recognized as a historic organ by the Organ Historical Society.

G. Donald Harrison was a pioneer of “American Classic” organ, whose tonal design was modeled on the principal choruses of the Baroque organ, moving away from the rich, orchestral sound of the Romantic organ. The American Classic style was geared towards versatility, but with particular emphasis on a clean attack of pipe speech and clarity of texture in contrapuntal music. Opus 1216 is an excellent example of this style, handling a wide variety of repertoire well. Although it is a modest-sized instrument, containing only 34 stops, its tonal coherence, enclosed expressive divisions, and registrational aids make it a flexible and effective instrument for both choral accompanying and solo repertoire.


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