Members and friends of Seattle First Baptist donate thousands of hours of time every year.  Some people contribute their time every week, while others help out with specific projects or events.

Volunteer Opportunities at SFBC

    Please contact us by emailing if you are interested in volunteering at Seattle First Baptist Church.  Administrator Darren Hochstedler or another staff person will be in touch with more information and possible training opportunities and requirements. Volunteer opportunities at SFBC include the following:


    • usher
    • greet people at the door
    • serve communion
    • assist with baptisms and other special worship needs


    • welcome people at coffee hour at our “welcome table”
    • help setup or cleanup coffee hour, breakfasts, or lunches


    • assist with flowers and seasonal decorations
    • join our choir or music team (see the music page for more information)
    • help utilize the bulletin boards around the building to promote arts appreciation

    And more! Click the link below to learn more.

    Outreach Volunteer Opportunities January 2022 [pdf]

    Help support the unhoused and end homelessness by working with these organizations

    Facing Homelessness

    Facing Homelessness  is our partner organization that runs the Window of Kindness. It proposes that you “see our neighbors living unhoused through the eyes of love”; and, instead of turning your face away when you pass someone who seems to be experiencing homelessness, you JUST SAY HELLO.

    You might consider:

    • joining their board, especially if you have a background in accounting or finance, real estate or housing law, general contracting, engineering or architecture, social work or human services, and/or lived experience with homelessness.
    • volunteering with the Window of Kindness in the U District, which means offering a listening ear and genuine conversation with visitors to the Window and checking what resources they most need or offering whatever is available that day at the Window (from hot food to tents to SFBC sleeping bags or socks)
    • offering space in your yard so that their Block Project could build a sustainable fully-equipped home for someone experiencing homelessness and get a new neighbor without having to fill the role of landlord (Facing Homelessness does that and more)
    • helping build those tiny homes (no experience necessary) … be like Jimmy Carter!
    Fallen Leaves Project

    Seattle First Baptist Church hosts five bronze leaves in the sidewalk outside as part of the Fallen Leaves Project to memorialize a handful of the hundreds of human lives lost in Seattle every year to homelessness. You can educate yourself about the diverse life stories of your neighbors who have no homes by reading about them on the Leaves of Remembrance web site, and you can educate your friends and family by inviting them to join you for a field trip to visit SFBC’s leaves to leave a flower or light a candle or say a prayer.

    Aurora Commons

    Aurora Commons is a welcoming space for our unhoused neighbors to rest, prepare a meal, connect to resources and collectively create a healthy and vibrant community. We seek to be a space for authenticity and conversation, to bring the wider community to the table to learn from one another, to be transformed by one another, and to embrace one another.

    Example Volunteer roles include: Art Classes, Building & Woodworking, Chaplain of Presence, Community Clean-up, Donation Closet Pickup/Drop-off, Errand Runner, Events Volunteer (Annual Benefit, Holiday Parties, etc…), Finance, Hair Stylists, Massage Therapists, Meal prep & delivery, People’s Librarian, Photography, Repairs/Handy Human, Special Occassion Baking/Cooking, Space Beautification (aka cleaning).

    Go make genuine relationships.

    All Pilgrims Church
    Our partner organization All Pilgrims Church (other end of Broadway from SFBC) offers a Community Lunch, 12 – 1pm, Monday through Friday. Prep begins at 8 am and Cleanup is done by 2 pm. They can always use volunteers. Call: (206) 322-0487.

    Women's Housing Equality and Enhancement League (WHEEL)
    Love poetry? Beloved Community: The Sisterhood of Homeless Women in Poetry is an anthology you can purchase in support of The Women’s Housing Equality and Enhancement League (WHEEL), another of our partner organizations, either to “do your homework” and educate yourself about our siblings experiencing homelessness or as a holiday gift for someone you love!

    Black Lives Matter and Faith Action Network

    Stay informed about legislative action you can take. Sign up for the newsletters of the Black Lives Matter Alliance of Washington and the Faith Action Network.

    You Can Also Check Out
    Our Amazing Partner Organizations!

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